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About Jude Dinges

An executive in the biopharmaceutical healthcare industry, Jude Dinges has over 27 years’ experience in sales, marketing, and management. In his most recent position, Mr. Dinges served as the Executive Director of Regional Sales for the Bone Health Business Unit of Amgen Inc. with responsibility for leading the commercial launch of PROLIA (denosumab) across the southeast and Puerto Rico. PROLIA helps prevent bone fractures in post menopausal women at high risk for fracture.

While with Amgen, Jude Dinges helped his division consistently ranked in the top tier of performance for the company. Under his leadership, the Southeast Region performance led to 90 percent of the district managers and 62 percent of the senior biopharmaceutical representatives receiving recognition as “top performers”. Adopting an innovative patient-oriented approach to product launches, Jude and his team of managers created a regional plan with specific focus and priorities designed to ensure health care providers who treated women at high risk for PMO fracture had the necessary clinical and fulfillment awareness to make informed decisions in the best interest of their patients. A key to his success was leading his region to implement strategies focused on “buy and bill” medical pathway with primary care and numerous physician specialists.

Jude Dinges played an important role in the development of future executive leadership within Amgen, as he hired and mentored several top managers and representatives identified as having high potential for future success within the company. Mr. Dinges was responsible for implementing individual development plans and coaching the managers to maximize their strengths.

Jude Dinges previously held management and executive sales positions with Novartis AG; Merck & Co., Inc.; and Bristol Laboratories, Inc. He is a graduate of Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, with a B.A. in Biology and has completed numerous executive business courses at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

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